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Ages: 4-8 years

Our Juniors are divided into two age groups 4-6 years old and 6-8 years old. Within both groups, our trained coaches assess and work on specific areas of development with each child. There is greater focus on more technical aspects of cricket, for example on the mechanics of a bowling action. We really get our Juniors moving with fun dynamic drills. With our older Juniors we further build on the foundations and explore more technical excellence and explosive skills such as spin and fast bowling.

Our Differentiating Features

Challenging cricket skills and drills made easy and fun by expert coaches in a friendly and pressure-free environment

Encourages all children to enjoy sports, teamwork, communication, bonding with others and confidence in individual skill development.

Every session is tailored and caters to visual, auditory, tactile and kinaesthetic learning styles so all of our Juniors feel enriched and confident after every session

Introduces advanced sportsmanship such as professionalism, discipline and teaches to control nerves and dealing with life’s pressures whilst remaining calm and focused on the task ahead

Our sessions all work to creating a strong sense of identity within a group and respecting others, whilst enhancing individual performance

Sessions in Kew

LiveWell at Kew
Quadrant House
Levett Square
Kew, Richmond

Every Wednesday 4pm-5pm
Sessions for 4-6 years old

Wednesday 5pm-6pm
Sessions for 6-8 years old

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